University of California stops using Gmail over security concerns

Every time I open my computer, the first thing I do is check my Arizona State University e-mail, from Gmail. I like to think that Google is one of the most reliable websites. To me, my e-mail is one of my most personal accounts. No one else knows my password, because I do not want anyone to know my business. However, how do we know we can trust any website at all.

According to Jolie O’Dell, author for, “The University of California, Davis has stopped using Gmail for its 30,000-member staff and faculty body. The university was trying Gmail for faculty and staff with plans to roll out service to the entire campus. But school officials say the e-mail system isn’t secure or private enough to meet their standards.””


How secure or private is anything on the web. Technically, Gmail can read any of my e-mails whenever they want, right? They have access to my passwords and can read my information my bank sends me, e-mails from my doctors, school, work.

Nearly a month ago, Yale University made a similar decision. They were concerned with security issues, technological risks and the way Google managed their data.

How much do you trust the websites you visit on a daily basis? Are you concerned with websites having too much of your information saved on their sites?

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