2-Year-Old Finds iPad Easy to Use


The iPad is not only for teens and adults, according to Mashable.com two-year-olds can use them too! What is our world coming to? Two-year-olds are playing with  apps like Dr. Seuss on the iPad.

When I was growing up I played with Barbies and legos. I did not have my first computer until fifth grade and my first cell-phone until middle school, and I was one of the luckier kids in my class.

Now, toddlers are playing with devices that I do not even have. I think that the generation below our age group is going to be so sucked into computers and technology that they will not know anything else. I thought I was obsessed with Facebook, Twitter and blogging. However, I do not even want to imagine how this two-year-old is going to grow up. I want my child to be able to hold a book and read it, not stare at a computer screen to read.

Watch: 2-Year-Old Finds iPad Easy to Use

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4 Responses to 2-Year-Old Finds iPad Easy to Use

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  2. jalbaz says:

    This is a scary concept. I loved to play with dolls and read books as a child, and I did not have a cell phone until high school. What are kids going to expect for their fifth birthdays now? Not a toy truck, but an ipod or a kindle? I think parents need to make sure to monitor their children’s time with electronics and technology, and make sure they still participate in other mind stimulants such as creating art and reading from a book.

  3. alevy says:

    It is truly amazing how our technology has come so far and become so easily accessible that even 2-year-olds can figure it out. When I was younger, I remember enjoying educational computer games, but never I would not be surprised if soon they come out with some kind of I-story book app for children to read on an Ipad, so there is no need to go out and buy print books. Children will always need educational tools to enhance their learning, but I definitely agree that I don’t want my child to be starring at a computer screen in place of hands-on activities. I hope that future generations do not subject to the technological advances of our time, but at this rate, who knows what the next “hot item” will be sold for kids…

  4. crandell says:

    I think this post just supports how everything is going in the digital direction. Even toys for children are touchscreens and interactive. Everything is on the internet, encouraging engagement.

    I think this relates to public relations because everyday, there are new avenues for reaching stakeholders. As public relations professionals, it is our job to identify which avenue is going to be most effective to reach our goals.

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