Blogging is not dying

With technology advancing right before our eyes day after day, it should come as no surprise that people begin to think of blogging as yesterday’s news. According to a blog written by Jon Clemments, “Social Media Café – A boost for Blogging,” there has been talk about the death of the blog, but after a meeting at the Social Media Café that statement turned into a myth. As Public Relations students we get to witness this change in media at first hand and learn how to better utilize resources for the companies benefit. With the use of Twitter, facebook, flickr, and many more social media platforms, we experience the slow death of print, but does this mean that blogging is slowly dying too?

Not so fast, the statement of the “death of the blog” is merely an exaggeration. Not only is blogging very much aliv, but according to Craig McGinty, journalist, it is described as an online “base camp”. McGinty states that it is important for each company to have their own entity on the internet. It is seen as an opportunity to reach your target audience without having to go through the gatekeepers of newspaper editors. It is a fast and more efficient way to communicate with staff, audiences and establish credibility.

According to Clemments blog, CEO’s have also taken up the blogging mantle to better communicate and get their messages out to employees and audiences. The use of blogging and social media for some organizations and corporations is to “meet one new person every day. A task that is clearly not possible in the offline world, unless you have hours to kill.” It would take hours upon hours to reach the amount of people a blog does if it were in the offline world.

As a Public Relations major I see the importance of the blog every day. If it weren’t for blogging then information communicated between companies and their audience would take far too long for this technology advanced world we now live in. People may tend to argue “we have gotten by just fine with traditional media and without blogging in the past, why is it so important now?” The answer to that question is simply technology advances in a fast paced world. People are constantly moving at a faster pace and demand their news at a faster pace as well. If we weren’t given the information through social media or blogging who is to know how long people would stay engaged in the conversation to wait and read it in the offline world.

What are some of your thoughts on blogging and social media? Do you think that we could get by without them in today’s world?

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8 Responses to Blogging is not dying

  1. wwillis says:

    Phew, I’m glad to hear blogging is not dying. I actually agree that the social media world is not going anywhere, in fact the online world is exploding with new ideas. Old models may have worked in the past but now we should look to future technologies to see us through these hard times. Not only is it free- but a great way to network and share info!

  2. ndapplegate says:

    I agree 100% that we should look to future technologies to see us through hard times especially since majority of social networking is free. For companies that are struggling with money and budgets social media is a perfect tool to utilize for a low budget.

  3. astrazzara says:

    It’s difficult to say where we’ll be in five years from now. If you think about it, what technology were we using in 2004? I had a cell phone that didn’t have color screen and MySpace was only one-years-old. Technology is constantly evolving, and as public relations practitioners we’re expected to keep up with the changing tides, if not be ahead of them. I don’t think blogging will be going anywhere, for now at least. I know the majority of blogs created is far greater than the number of active bloggers out there. Most people create a blog and then just abandon it along the way because blogging does take time. You have to build a following and blog regularly.

    Blogging is still a great tool for people to share information. I think as long as people are still interested in what bloggers are saying then blogs will still have a presence. The public is ultimately the deciding factor about adopting, rejecting and adapting technology.

  4. ecain says:

    In today’s fast pace society I think that we would have no idea what to do if social media all of a sudden disappeared. Many of use rely on social media to network, connect with friends, and keep in touch with family. I also think that blogging provides a unique way for people to express their opinions on a variety of topics that without the creation of social media and blogs, might not have otherwise been expressed. Social media has opened up multiple channels of communication that generations before us probably never even thought of, and I am sure that it will continue to develop and new things we never thought of will be formed. Who knows, maybe one of us will develop the next Twitter!

  5. glindsay says:

    I can see how the traditional “blog” (i.e. where some random person just talks about random events in there random day) might be dying, because it seems like we are finally establishing how to actually use blogs, now. It’s not just a place for you to word vomit all your thoughts in a stream of consciousness fashion, but rather is an important tool used in leading discussions with clients/stakeholders and updating interested parties in what you and/or your company has been up to. There is definitely still a market for it, and it seems it’s becoming more and more of a “launch pad” into the other forms of social media.

  6. edean says:

    Personally, I don’t see blogs dying for awhile. The same companies that are stuck on traditional media and are unwilling to adapt with the current changes of the Web are many of the companies who are filing for bankruptcy. With traditional media you are telling people what to read. Now, people get to choose and create their own content and the smart companies listen.

  7. ncano says:

    I don’t see blogging dying either. I think that some people don’t understand the importance of blogging, but I have seen and experience it. I currently am blogging for my online media class and actually enjoy it. I was lucky enough to be seen and able to start blogging for Downtown Phoenix. I think it’s great to blog, as long as you are knowledgeable about the topic and it’s not just your opinion all the time. Not everyone understands what blogging mean and will write about their life. That’s a journal. I think blogging is a great way to maintain communication, like you mentioned above about CEOs blogging. I think it’s better than the old fashion newsletters that companies use to do and now they can just blog about things pertaining to the company as well.

  8. ndapplegate says:

    I think you are right to say that as pr practitioners we are expected to keep up with the changes in media because I feel that we are the ones that helped turn social media into what it is today. I also agree that blogging takes time and some companies/organizations do not have enough time budgeted to spend on blogging but I also think that if it is something you were taught from the get co then it should come easy and not take that much time.

    I can not even remember what I did before for not only entertainment but to communicate as well before social media. It is weird to think that there used to be a time when people solely relied on print, letters, mail and face-to-face communication. I agree that blogs give people a chance to voice their opinions easier and without blogs I there would be a lot of people left in the dark about situations.

    I like that you called blogging a launch pad into the other forms of social media because i agree that that is exactly how it is used. Blogging gets the audiences attention and thats when they reach out into other platforms for either A)more information or B) to voice their opinions.

    You make a very valid point. It is like the saying goes, you snooze you lose. If you can not keep up with the fast pass of technology you are going to be left in the dark.

    That is very cool that you have created your own blog for downtown. I agree that if the source is credible then a blog can be a great way to communicate your story. With CEO blogs instead of newsletters the fans/consumers/audiences are able to give feedback and comment on issues.

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