Truth in blogging

With blogging becoming such an important part of media and customer relations, many people (like myself) are being forced to learn the intricacies of blogging if they want to survive in the world of PR. Doing so gives many advantages to a company or a PR professional: It can facilitate communication between a corporation and the consumer; it gives PR people another, more accessible outlet to disseminate information; and it can build media/consumer trust in a company or even an individual PR professional. Or can it?

While there is no doubt that blogging creates an easier flow of information, there is no guarantee that people will have trust in the information that is released. Blogging is just makes it easier for people to see what you have to say. It’s the substance of what you actually say that will decide whether or your not your blog is successful. You need to have credible information that people will care about in order to build lasting relationships with your readers, or else they will not return to your blog. In his blog, Les Potter questions whether or not it is even possible to develop trust among readers, and if it is, how to go about doing it.

This topic is touched upon in the blog post titled Ten Social Resolutions for Marketers in 2009. One of the things that is touched on in the article, and that we are taught in Online Media, is that bloggers need to be up-to-date with a lot of the information that they are discussing. That means actively monitoring and commenting on similar blogs, staying current on all types of news, and engaging in other types of conversation with other bloggers. If you want bloggers to take you seiously, or even are considering pitching a story to a blogger, it is important that they have some information about you and don’t feel that you are just using them. A good way to do that is to use your own blog to get their attention through links and references.

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  1. drgilpin says:

    This post addresses an important topic, that of establishing trust in online communities (in this case among bloggers). The only suggestion I would make for the future is that you should try to incorporate some kind of question into your post, to stimulate discussion.

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