Is Journalism Really Dying?

As a new member to the world of blogging, I decided to Google PR blogs and see what else is out there. I came across Naked PR, a blog written by Jennifer Mattern. Mattern refers to her blog as “cutting through the crap in online public relations” among other things. In reading her blog, which is quite interesting (although uses the occasional expletive), I discovered the entry “Journalism is Dead?”, a post about a media summit in which those attending discuss the concept of journalism and PR as a dying profession because everyone these days is a “communicator.”

The issue with this belief is that while everyone is indeed a “communicator,” not everyone is skilled to practice PR or journalism. It is a studied profession in which we are taught the correct way to go about our jobs in an ethical fashion. I find it hard to believe that the two professions will disappear because without both, many businesses could not survive. I do agree with the notion that the profession must be more than a press release, as Neville Hobson states, but I think that it’s already more than that. The creation of a PR campaign requires an educated team of PR professionals who know how to go about planning and executing a successful campaign. It isn’t all about press releases.

What do you think of the idea of PR and journalism being dying professions?

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5 Responses to Is Journalism Really Dying?

  1. cate415 says:

    I think that the idea of journalism and PR being a dying profession is very invalid. Without the two professions, the success of companies and the involvement of citizens would not be possible. PR is much more than a press release, as we all know a whole slew of factors go into creating a successful campaign that accomplishes the client’s goals. Journalism too requires a level of professionalism in order to contribute effectively in society. Without professional news organizations, there would be no common ground for determining the thoughts and important issues of the people. Thus, these two professions are far from extinct.

  2. marialinda17 says:

    I don’t believe public relations or journalism is dying. The power of the media is evident when you turn on the TV, browse an online newspaper, or buy a magazine. It takes ethical professionals to report on the daily happenings in our world. Similarly, public relations is a vital component of business. Not everyone has the skills to communicate efficiently. These professions are not easy and are still relevant in today’s world.

  3. kakeane says:

    Both journalism and PR are highly necessary trades in the world, even though many people fail to see that. Although there have been trends of “news by you” in the past, journalists are still required to present information in an accurate and ethical manner, and without bias. Blogs have also blurred this line, but they provide “news” on much more specific topics that relate only to a very narrow audience. As we have talked about in previous conversations, the blogger is not tied to any standard set of ethics, and does not always to all the research to get the facts.

    As far as public relations, the title may change at some point in the future, but this function will always be necessary. CEOs of large companies are more focused on the numbers of business, rather than communication, and will eventually need a PR practitioner to handle the day-to-day communication efforts of the company. Sometimes this job is only used by companies on an “as needed” basis, but many don’t understand just how much they need to utilize the skills involved in public relations.

  4. lbridge says:

    I think sometimes journalism and pr professionals are taken for granted and people overlook how much we really are needed in order for a lot of parts of our society to function correctly. I think that if these beliefs continue, it will really be bad for our field but eventually our importance will be noticed and things will start to look back up again.

  5. asbrooks04 says:

    I can appreciate Mattern’s sarcasm…even though I may be a novice in this field, I cannot imagine why anyone would think PR, and especially journalism, would ever just die out. Surely, issues will arise, like ethics and new business models, but the idea that a profession will disappear because of the explosion of blogs and viral marketing just seems too far fetched.

    It just sounds like the paranoid ranting of the few who, like Mattern said, are just lazy and don’t want to have to work hard for recognition.

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