Another bell tolls for the press release

Sheila Scarborough, at Every Dot Connects, says she can’t imagine ever sending out another traditional press release. Announcements that the press release is dead are hardly new or blogworthy. However, she does explain how she plans to go about publicizing some of her own upcoming events, so students should find this post worth reading.

Her approach won’t work for every situation, but it’s something to think about.

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2 Responses to Another bell tolls for the press release

  1. sscarb says:

    Hi Professor,

    Thanks for the mention!

    It’s easy to say “no more press releases” (and sometimes they do still make sense) but it we’re going to say that, then what is the alternative? The point of my post was to show at least a few social media-based options. The comments have been lively, needless to say.

    Best wishes to your class….

  2. ksorensen19 says:

    I found Sheila’s article very interesting. The internet has become an increasingly easy source to turn to when looking to network through social media and I think that it can be a great tool for targeting specific journalists and sources when sending out specific information. However, I think that ASU definitely needs to focus more on teaching those in the PR program how to use social media and really get experience working online. I know that we spend so much time learning how to write a traditional press release but many of us haven’t even blogged until this class. It just seems ridiculous to me that we are in our capstone class and we have so little knowledge about new media that we can utilize.

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